About Us

We are located 65 miles north of Portland, Oregon. Exit 63, two miles west of Interstate 5, a quaint little community named Winlock, named after Winlock Miller, surveyor for the railroad, whom surveyed at the turn of the century, the present right of way Burlington Northern uses. The area receives 40-50 inches of rain annually, providing for the massive evergreen forest, brush and green grass.

We are Dennis and Evelyn Bowers, calling Winlock our home, going on 70 years. We have owned horses most of our lives, and as a young teen, I was under the assumption all horses would buck, bite and run away with the rider from time to time. Fortunately I bought a mare that was Hancock and foundation bloodlines. I bred her to son of Doc Bar that produced a colt that I rode for 20 years. That horse and I learned together by trial and error, traveling some of the toughest wilderness areas in the western states. There is a lot to be said for being in the high country when the leaves are turning color from the frost. I would be the first to admit, that I am not a cowboy! But, I have made some observations over the years by riding and packing mules into the back country, and having the kind of horse that gets me there and back safely. This would be our mission statement for our breeding program.

We are breeding for sound minds that are giving and trainable. I was crossing a creek on my old gelding when I asked him to step over a small log a beaver had fell down the creek. I missed judged the height; but anyway, he got his front legs over the log, but could not lift his hind legs over. There he was high centered on that 4 or 5 inch log. This horse never panicked in a tight spot. He side passed his way down the pole to where we could get over. Sound mind, you bet! I call that cheap insurance.

Horses that have good bone and large enough feet to support a 1,300 pound horse and rider, so many times in the back country I have observed horses that are smaller in stature, finer boned and small feet, have a tendency to run out of steam, get colic and show weight loss to where the horse looks pencil gutted.

Produce horses that are natural athletics, balanced movers, and have lots of girth, with big hips and a tail set that makes the hip appear rounded from a side view.

Our breeding studs are blue roans, breeding for roans or blacks, but not always getting what we ask for. Our studs and mares bloodlines are predominately Hancock, King, Blue Laven, Leo, and Driftwood, to name a few. I apologize if I may have offended any fellow horse owners. There are all makes and models of horses out there today and there is a job for each and every one of them. We are into all around using type horses that are safe and fun to be with. For the cowboys out there, just look at these bloodlines and come take a look at our horses, see if they're fast enough and big enough to rope a steer. But for me, I'll see ya in the high country.

Dennis and Evelyn Bowers